Vibrant Vivid Colors from Silhouette

From time to time someone will ask, “I saw a frame I liked in Europe. Can I order it from you?” Sometimes we can and sometimes we can’t. There are a couple of reasons. One, the company may not distribute their frames in the United States. But the big frame companies do sell their frames worldwide, so why can’t I get that frame here in the U.S.? The reason is the companies target market the product lines and that means they will sell specific models or colors only in certain regions. You may very well see a frame in France that is sold in the U.S., only not in that particular color.

Exciting news! Alvernon Optical has partnered with Silhouette Frame Company to test market four colors of the Titan frame that have been very popular in Europe. Because of the comfort, light weight, and great looks, the Titan frame is Silhouette’s best seller. There are only two or three optical companies in the entire state of Arizona that will have these frames and Alvernon Optical is one of them.

The colors are Vivid Teal, Vivid Plum, Vivid Blue, and Vivid Pink. Did I mention that these colors are Vivid? Each of the Alvernon Optical offices has one set of these beautiful frames. Once sold they are gone! If you like colors that are truly vibrant and enjoy the privilege of owning exclusive fashion pieces, we invite you to visit one of the six convenient Alvernon Optical locations today. These lovely frames won’t be around long.
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