What Others are Saying

One of my contacts tore last night and I had no new lenses to wear other than my old, out dated eyeglasses…no bueno! My husband and I are fairly new to Tucson and he had recently had his eye exam at Alvernon Optical, so I thought that I would give them a try as well. I am sure glad that I did!! I called this morning and was told that the next opening was a week away. An entire week away! What was a girl to do? I explained to Rafael, the young man who took my call, and he double checked the schedule for openings. It was my lucky day! They had one slot open which I happily accepted. As a new patient there is always paperwork to fill out; however, this office made it painless and the wait was minimal. I saw Dr. Peterson and she was a joy to meet. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. I felt like I had an old family friend giving me an eye exam. I highly recommend this office if you are new to town and need to find an optometrist, or just need to ditch your current one.

Cindy A.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Hiscox for the last four or more years. That right there tells you something! She’s always very kind and personable and doesn’t rush through her appointments. Her office staff is very knowledgeable and I’ve never had any problems with using my insurance. I’m told what my patient cost share is and there are no surprises. The way it should be! If your looking for a great optometrist and a knowledgeable staff I highly recommend this office!



Barbara E.

I haven’t received my glasses yet – I just went in for an exam and new frames today. But if they are right, and I am 99.9% sure they will be, I found the best eye doctor in the world in Dr. Tetrault. George, the manager, is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Like, really, really nice. To the point that I felt nervous speaking, lest I insult their delicate spirits. Dr. Tetrault was so patient and thorough – I feel like my last prescription was off, but not by much – so he went through some extra steps to determine how much my eyes changed/how off the Rx was. Granted, it was only a little wrong, but now, if the glasses are perfect, I’ll have better than 20/20. Frame selection is a mite lacking but, I mean, how many eyeglass shapes are there? They do free adjustments and cleaning, like most optical shops I’ve been to, but they seem to do it with , um, glee?

Angela O.

Shai goes above and beyond in helping people. He multi-tasks, is professional and gets the job done. He is friendly and you leave happy and smiling. While waiting to see him I watched him help others and he is this same great way with everyone.

Bill F.

Sorry this took so long but I really wanted to take the time to write to you from Japan and tell you how happy I am with the sunglasses. I came into the office about July of this year and I had very little time before I was to head out to Japan. I ordered a pair of regular glasses, a pair for my computer work and a pair of Oakely polarized sunglasses. The Oakley frames were on backorder but with Richard’s quick thinking I was happy with the display frames so off I went the next day to Japan. A few days after getting home my wife and I were getting pummeled with waves learning how to stand up paddle board and a big wave ripped the sunglasses off my face including the strap. Well I phoned Alvernon Optical and ordered a new pair and received them a few weeks later….The other glasses are working out well also thanks to Dr. Cinalli’s trickery with making a prescription for my computer glasses. So Thank You to the entire team, Happy Holidays and if I am ever in Tucson and in need of glasses or contacts I’ll be by.

Michael E.

I hate going to the optometrist because I always feel like I’m being pushed to buy things and its always more difficult than it needs to be (getting my prescription, finding an appointment etc.) I was very happy to find none of this at Alvernon Optical, every staff member I met was pleasant and welcoming and I got in and out in a hurry. I highly recommend switching over if you are frustrated with your current optometrist.

Aron S.

Thank you for your repair of my glasses frame yesterday and for taking the time to show me numerous “small” frames. I didn’t receive this caring treatment from the office in which they were originally purchased. Alvernon Optical has a future new patient!

Bonnie N.

I began my search for a new optometrist as ours retired after 20 years. It was not something I was wanting to do as we really liked him and his staff. First thing I did was make several calls for a locally owned business. After settling on 4 and discussing with my husband we chose Alvernon Optical on Tanque Verde. We had been in the office many years ago looking for an eyeglass case for my husband. The office was clean and the employees helpful and polite.

Yesterday we both had our first exam with Dr. Jamie Hiscox. She was very pleasant, patient, took her time and explained several things I was not aware of. We both needed new prescriptions. With the help of Cindy, who again was very patient and made you feel like you were the only patient, we got our new glasses fitted. We both felt we had an excellent exam and very happy with the change.

We would highly recommend Alvernon Optical and Dr. Jamie Hiscox and her staff. It was a pleasure!

Pat M.

Stopped in to get my RayBan sunglasses fixed as they were too loose from falling down and landing on them. Oscar fixed them completely in about 15 minutes and did not charge me for the repair. Fantastic customer service! Thank you Alvernon Optical.

Amy C.

You can get your glasses anywhere but when a problem arises it is then when you realize you chose the right or wrong. I had a problem and went back to see Richard and he quickly made me feel not to worry he would fix it. The fault was not from Alvernon Optical but that I had used an outside Ophthalmologist that messed up the prescription. Richard with a smile never pointed a finger but just told me he would take care of it. I got my new lenses and everything is great! I have had great service from Richard and Shai. Thanks for confirming I chose the right place again!

Mark P.

Thank you so much for expediting my eye exam and glasses so that I could see distance well enough to drive up to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. I called November 19th and Dr. Cinalli saw me that afternoon and Alvernon Optical had my glasses ready the next afternoon, wow! It was very much appreciated!!

Sharon J.

Great Service. Friendly and competent doctor.

Amelia W.

I just experienced likely my most complete and professional eye exam ever. Dr. Sharon Peterson was informative, took her time, asked me questions and then clinically verified. I wear both glasses and contacts. The staff at Alvernon Optical at the Tanque Verde/Sabino Canyon location were amazing, pleasant, friendly and helpful. I encourage you to make an appointment there at 296-4157. I’m delighted with the service and won’t need to look further.

Larry B.

Having just moved here with a drivers license about to expire, finding a place that can get me glasses in time to take the vision test was looking like a slim chance. Every optical place I went said it was going to take a minimum of 10 days to two weeks with no possibility of having a rush order. Even using my own frames was going to cost me more for a “tracing fee” with no guarantee that the lenses would fit, blah, blah, blah. I went to these guys and they not only get me my glasses in FIVE days, there were no extra charges of any kind. These people will always be my go to place for all of my optical needs as long as I am in the area. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional and despite the fact that there were signs asking people to excuse the dust while they are in a state of remodel, I didn’t notice anything amiss while there. Very pleasant experience.

Artista B.

Great people. They took all the time I needed to explain everything and help me find those perfect frames. Y’all Rock!

Kimberly A.

I walked into Alvernon Optical to get new lenses in my glasses. They had a few customers but greeted me and asked what I needed and got to me pretty quickly. I told them what I needed and my concern and about the glasses that I had bought at another place as they had gotten blurry apparently from the coating put on for anti-glare. I didn’t want that to happen again. They told me that they would use a high grade coating that should not do that but if it did, they would replace them. I was given detailed information on what my insurance would cover and asked if I needed more reading area in my bifocals – something I had not been asked and did want. I picked them up today and they had given me a nice new case with a polishing cloth. They fitted me to make sure the glasses were not too tight and both my sun glasses and bifocals fit comfortable and are very clear. I’m very happy with them so far and happy with the service that was provided.

Betsy B.

Been a patient of Dr. Tetrault since 2004. He’s compassionate, thorough and professional. The long term staff are efficient & pleasant, especially the staff members who do the fittings. Good selection of frames. Lots of front door parking. Located in shopping center on corner of Campbell and Glenn. Their only flaw –as with all other Tucson eyeglass stores — is the lack of contemporary frame styles found on the major online eye frame sellers. However, if you buy online, for a reasonable price they will make sure the Rx is correct & the fit is good. I like this place & the people. Every time I’ve made an appointment, they are ready for me. But if you need a quick frame adjustment, advice, or just want to browse, they will accommodate you.

Kathy O.

Dr. Hiscox is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and all around a wonderful optometrist. She takes her time to explain in detail any health concerns and makes you feel important and cared for. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. The staff at this location is also amazing, always willing to help in any way. They are very warm and kind. I have had many wonderful experiences with Shay, one of their staff members. She has always gone above and beyond to help me in any last minute situations or issues. I truly feel like I am in great hands and I can’t express how important that is to me. I recently moved across town and I won’t go anywhere else, because of the high quality care that you can’t find very easily…Very happy to be in their hands.

Yolanda G.

I really enjoy this office. Sharon Peterson is amazing. The prescription she wrote for my glasses was the most accurate prescription I’ve ever had. That’s what keeps me going back there.

Erica M.

Just a note of thanks for Magdalena Adcock and her extraordinary attention to customer service. Her focus on her customer is a credit to Alvernon Optical. I have been in Alvernon Optical’s care on and off since the 80’s, when you made glue-on lenses for my first scuba diving mask. We discovered your Swan/Sunrise location a couple of years ago, Magdalena is a pleasure to work with and she is always there with your customer in mind.

John L.

Thank you to the staff at Alvernon Optical for your hard work and dedication today. My daughter was so happy with all the attention she received and is excited she will be able to see more of the world with her new glasses! Thank you so much.

Cindi W.

I am writing you because I received the most welcoming customer service from Myranda at your Tanque Verde location. Unknown to me at the time she is the manager, now I see why. I have over twenty years of customer service so I know that it is such a rarity. I try to aknowledge going over and above. On that day Myranda spent 20-30 minutes to make a temple piece fit on my broken glasses. I was there for an exam and county safety glasses. I have been experiencing a great deal of grief for the last four months and her simple kindness was exactly what I needed to help me through the day. I just picked up my glasses yesterday and wanting to thank her again for her help but she was with a customer so I am writing you to let you know of my experience. Everyone there was warm and welcoming, but Myranda’s help went over and above. My experience with her helped me more than she will ever know and has delivered a loyal customer to your list of clientele.

Donald T.

There are many reasons I love Tucson. Today one of those reasons is Richard and Alvernon Optical. Yesterday I broke my vintage 1960’s era eyeglass frames. Today, I went to see about finding a pair of frames that could take my existing lenses, Richard, the main man there, has been specializing in safety glasses for decades. Knowing my affinity for vintage eyewear and after telling him my story, Richard says, “I might just have a matching frame to fit those lenses”, so he goes into his office and about 15 minutes later returns with these new old stock Bausch & Lomb safety glasses that took my existing lenses without any modification! And, you would not believe the deal he made for me! Amazing! Thank you Richard and Alvernon Optical.

Tim S.

Thanks for all the years of taking care of my eyes and being so darn nice! Your professional service is appreciated!

Michele S.

Dr. Paul Cinalli is the best, 40 years experience! They will even train you on your contact lenses…so that you are educated in how to care for them for your best advantage. You’ll like him, he’s smart, he’s nice and he’s fun. Interested in finding the right protection for your eyes. He’ll give you an honest report and he takes his time with you. He came highly recommended by a friend, Judith.


I am writing to inform you of the outstanding customer service I received from Optician Miriam F. at your Casas Adobes location. I was in the store last Monday to have several pairs of my eyeglasses adjusted to properly fit my face. Miriam was friendly, competent and a professional in assisting me with the adjustments to my glasses. She is a fine representative of your company. It was my first visit to your store and due to Miriam’s attention to detail and willingness to take the necessary time to get the job done correctly, I will definitely come to your store the next time that I need new eyeglasses.

Beverly R.

This location is just as friendly as the Campbell store! People are super friendly, they don’t make you feel rushed in anyway, and lots of smiles all around!

J. Greer

Thank you Dr. Cinalli, whin I was having horrible eye allergies you got me in without an appointment and even wrote your cell number on the prescription you gave me so the pharmacist could call if my insurance would’t cover it – Thanks!

Heather C.

Cindy, thanks so for “hearing” me in my neediness of choosing frames etc. You are gifted. You trusted me to bring home those frames to “wear and live” with. How very kind and caring of you. We’ve decided since my vision has not changed to wait til next year to invest in my next pair. So if a smart, delicate black frame comes in you think is just right for me give me a call. You may not remember which customer I am, but that’s okay because I will remember you and return. So lord willing we will meet again in the near future.

Gail H.

Hello, I want to congratulate your staff at the Tanque Verde/Sabino Canyon office.

Dan is always very cordial and helpful and has been great to work with.

On this occasion I was helped by Shai who was very patient and explained everything very well. Mary Pat was also nice and very patient since she was on the phone with my insurance company for forty-five minutes. All things considered this was the best experience I have ever had when purchasing glasses.

Ray C.

I needed new corrective lenses in my glasses following eye surgery ASAP. I left a pair of frames at Alvernon Optical on Wednesday at noon and received a call on Friday at 9:30 am to pick up my new glasses — less than 48 hours later, while other optical compnies said they needed up to 10 days. Ana Smith was the greatest and provided outstanding care and service. Alvernon Optical has my business from now on.

Carl F.

My first experience getting glasses was for my 2 year old, all staff was great, helpful and patient with me, and great to my little son.

Aaryn T.

I have been a happy patient of Dr. Tetrault’s since I was a kid – he is probably one of the nicest and most professional doctors I’ve ever been treated by! He’s patient, unassuming, polite, and obviously genuinely cares about the service his patients receive. One interesting thing about him is that he actually used to be an intensive care nurse – so he comes from a very specialized medical background, and he noticeably internalizes any potential eye-related medical concerns his patients may have. I greatly appreciate the wonderful care I’ve received from him over the years, and will continue to be Dr. Tetrault’s patient for many years to come!

Sam T.

Best Eyeglass/Optical Retailer – Alvernon Optical, Inc.

Alvernon Optical has been outfitting Arizonans for more than a half a century. They do it all, from eye exams to making sure your glasses fit properly, and they give great advice about what’s going to work for you. On more than one occasion, they’ve fixed our broken cheaters for free and last year, just before we were taking a trip to the beach, they did a rush job on a new pair of sunglasses at no extra charge. (It’s a shame we left our glasses in our car when we headed to the airport, but we can’t blame them for that!) They have a wide selection of styles, affordable prices and a terrific staff. Support the local company, folks!


Tucson Weekly - Best of Tucson 2014

I was going to be visiting Tucson for a few days & called the Sunrise & Swan store about a week in advance to see if there was any way I could get a pair of prescription sunglasses while I was in town. Surprisingly the glasses were there when I arrived. I asked Jackie & Joanne to select frames for me, and they had my prescription on file…and they were perfect! I love the frames they selected. Both Jackie & Joanne were so accommodating and truly went out of their way to help. The customer service your staff offers is outstanding, and I will continue to make the journey to Tucson for my exams & optical needs. Thank you so much!

Sue P.

I recent lost my glasses and Just had the most delightful customer experience at Alvernon Optical.

Dr Sharon was great…Jessica at the desk was great. Very friendly, informative, unrushed….

Top Notch!

Robyn F.

I had a great visit. It’s been over ten years since my last eye exam checkup and I had plenty of concerns. From the moment I came in the I was greeted by a courteous and professional staff. I had a nice chat with the receptionist and the doctors assistant who took my initial readings. They were all very personable and helped me feel at ease.

Dr. Cinalli looked at my first readings and told me that he could tell from those that my eyes were fine. But he followed that up with asking what was bothering me, and what my concerns were. He continued to give me a very thorough eye exam and finished with a great explanation of the status of my eyesight, causes of my issues, where I can expect my eyesight to go in the coming years, what sort of prescription I need , and why.

I showed him my old eyeglasses from years ago and he was honest and told me that my eyesight hadn’t changed enough to warrant a new set. He didn’t swindle me into buying new frames or push any products on me. He simply explained my eyesight had changed a little since last time, but that I was good with what I had. Even still he wrote me a prescription should I have felt like updating my current pair.

They gave my old pair of glasses a tune up for $6, tightening up the arms, swapping out the pads, and cleaning up the lenses. I felt like my glasses were new again. I was impressed with my whole visit and I would recommend this place and doctor to anyone.

Catlin P.

Knowledgeable optician and optometrist with a clear orientation for customer service. Repeat customer for the past 12 years.

Lewis B.

I hadn’t had an eye exam in 14 years. Alvernon Optical’s staff was beyond amazing. I would recommend the Tanque Verde/Sabino Canyon location to anyone in need of a great eye exam. Thank you Alvernon Optical!!

Tracy C.

Compared to other optical shops near this part of town the service here is efficient and friendly. Shai, one of the opticians, was very helpful and I would definitely come back for any of my optical needs. Glad I found this place!

James K.

Brenda at the Casas Adobes location provides outstanding service. She is meticulous with details and with helping to select new frames. She provides an honest and professional opinion. She takes great care from the initial fitting to the final adjustment to ensure that the glasses are just right.

Patricia P.

We were visiting AZ from IL when my wife’s prescription Kate Spade shades developed a hole in the plastic at the point where the hinge screws attach the temple piece to the glasses. We went to Alvernon without an appointment to buy new sunglasses. We were greeted courteously and promptly given Richard Esquivel, who quickly diagnosed the problem as one that could be repaired. This was good news as our insurance would not have paid for a new pair until 2015. He knew we were visitors and offered to fix the problem while we waited. This was very thoughtful, and I’m sure that he was not just idle as this place was busy. In 15 minutes he presented us with the repaired glasses. He had added a gold metal piece inside of the hole area giving the new screws a sold anchor. This is actually a stronger connection than the original design. This prompt, knowledgeable, customer-oriented service was made even better when we asked how much. Richard smiled and said, “Oh you two just enjoy Tucson.” This place gets five stars.

Rick G.

I’m happy with the glasses I purchased! Friendly and honest service.

Dr. Tetrault performed the eye exam. He was thorough and kept me informed as I asked several questions. The equipment appeared to be modern, but I am not an expert.

The individual, whose name I regrettably cannot recall, who assisted me in selecting a pair of frames was patient. She helped me narrow down the frames that would suit me best. It didn’t take as long as I had expected either. The prices appeared to be competitive. The frames took about two weeks to arrive, which is standard for the type of glasses I was prescribed.

I will be returning to this location in the future.


Cristina C.

This office is great. Dr. Cinalli is a true professional, friendly and knowledgeable. It is truly high praise when I say that he listens. It’s wonderful to find an old fashioned doctor with up to date knowledge.

The optician, Ana, was truly sweet and wonderful to work with. She took her time to make sure we had frames and lenses that met our needs within our budget. I appreciate her ability to think outside the box. Thank you, Ana, and thank you, Alvernon Optical!

Rohvannyn S.

I ordered new glasses on February 27, 2019. I had a very good experience and recommend Magdalena, who is the office manager. She spent a lot of time with me and was meticulous about getting my measurements correct. I’m very happy with my new glasses and personal service that I received. She’s been doing this a long time and it showed by her knowledge and confidence in her work.

Jane S.

My mother and I had glasses made at another optical business. That one was in Oro Valley, and they made a mistake with my Mom’s prescription and refused to fix it.

We had used the Casas Adobes office of Alvernon Optical for years and had always been really happy with their service, but we had moved out of state and just come back, so we had tried another business closer to our new house. That was a big mistake! Today we decided to take Mom’s glasses and prescription to Casas Adobes Optical. They were very professional and knowledgeable about solving the problem and fixing it. They are licensed professionals and know what they are doing. We worked with Joe, and will never go anywhere else again! I highly recommend them!

Karrie B.

Dr. Cinalli, I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have restored my faith in humanity. Your Kindness will always be remembered.

Barbi B.

At Alvernon Optical’s Green Valley location you will get good or better service than you’ll expect. They fixed me up from exam to out the door in less than three business days. They made sure I got to use all of my insurance benefits. I got my exam, frames and lenses with some extras that I ordered & got the best price and service in all the 12 years that I hace been wearing glasses. Try Alvernon Optical’s location in Green Valley, you will be glad ya did. From in and out everyone took great care of my needs.

Freddie H.

Cindy Gibson and Joanne Anderson are TH BEST at the Tanque Verde/Sabino Canyon location! Cindy handled a very confusing and difficult situation with my new glasses (confusion over a doctors prescription) and provided me with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and always communicated with me in a prompt and professional manner. I will always go back to Alvernon Optical because of her!

Joanne Anderson is also great and was always pleasant and cheerful when I went to the store. The store manager was very pleasant and nice as well.

SO GLAD I didn’t go to one of the big chain stores; it is worth every penny to get such fantastic assistance!

Nancy S.

I’m writing you to let you know how pleased I am with Julie Canez working with Alvernon Optical again. I started going to Alvernon Optical over 20 years ago and most of those years working directly with Julie. Julie is so professional and caring which keeps me coming back to Alvernon Optical. Thank you for having great employees like Julie.

Catherine M.

Her comments…”Competent, good customer service, coupled with good taste and a cheerful attitude…”

Ruth B.

Thank you Gary! Your gift is the best perk I get in shooting the Rodders Street Rods. All the cleaning cloths will be used extensively, and that’s what I call a great gift.

Guy Atchley

Richard, Thanks for years of awesome customer service!

Linda N.

They did the impossible…Got my Elvis glasses done. Thanks to my man Frank in the Lab. The staff was great and very helpful.

Scott O.