Free Form Green Collection

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Green is good. Right? Often we think of green products as being made from recycled materials or materials that can be recycled when the product is no longer needed. German designer Thomas Trauth has collaborated with Free Form Eyewear to develop the Green Collection. The Green Collection incorporates a simple design to minimize the production steps necessary to produce these frames. The production processes requires 66% less time which equals less energy used. The frames use half the amount of material than what is used to make a traditional eyeglass frame. No toxic materials are released during production. All this adds up to a truly Green eyeglass frame that you can feel good about wearing. Did I mention they are really, really light?

less-is-more Acuity Free Form eyewear

To give you the clearest vision possible we recommend lenses with an anti-reflective coating (AR) to reduce the glare that can occur in the lens. AR reduces eye strain and enhances vision, especially when at a computer or driving at night. Premium coatings like Crizal or Super Hi Vision EX3 also give you increased scratch resistance and have hydro/oleo-phobic properties to make them resist smudges and moisture which translates to cleaner lenses.

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Stop in one of the six convenient Alvernon Optical locations and see for yourself how innovation, simplicity, style, and function can equal one great eyeglass for you!

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