Special Needs Eyewear for Down Syndrome and Infants

Specs 4 Us has designed frames specially formatted to fit individuals with Down Syndrome and other people with low bridges and special needs. Custom designed with shortened temples, extra wide fronts and a lowered bridge. Made from titanium and memory flex that creates a flexible bridge and temples that spring. These frames are made with your child’s unique needs in mind and solve the problems that regular eyeglass frames never could.All available in a variety of fashionable styles, colors and sizes.


For parents, it is often a shock to hear that their infant/child has to wear glasses, and one of their first thoughts is for the looks of the frame. For infants and very young children it can be a challenge to keep the glasses on. The frames must be comfortable, safe, durable, colorful, and allow them to see better and to participate in their daily activities without any limitations. Miraflex frames are soft, Flexible and Safe. They have no metal components or hinges and are safe and comfortable for young children, babies, and those with special needs.