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November 13th, 2018

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We could not be more proud and are grateful for your confidence and support!!

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November 10th, 2017

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April 20th, 2017

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Free Form Green Collection

June 26th, 2015

Free Form Green Fram pic 6.2015

Green is good. Right? Often we think of green products as being made from recycled materials or materials that can be recycled when the product is no longer needed. German designer Thomas Trauth has collaborated with Free Form Eyewear to develop the Green Collection. The Green Collection incorporates a simple design to minimize the production steps necessary to produce these frames. The production processes requires 66% less time which equals less energy used. The frames use half the amount of material than what is used to make a traditional eyeglass frame. No toxic materials are released during production. All this adds up to a truly Green eyeglass frame that you can feel good about wearing. Did I mention they are really, really light?

less-is-more Acuity Free Form eyewear

To give you the clearest vision possible we recommend lenses with an anti-reflective coating (AR) to reduce the glare that can occur in the lens. AR reduces eye strain and enhances vision, especially when at a computer or driving at night. Premium coatings like Crizal or Super Hi Vision EX3 also give you increased scratch resistance and have hydro/oleo-phobic properties to make them resist smudges and moisture which translates to cleaner lenses.

ex3 traffic pic 6.2015

Stop in one of the six convenient Alvernon Optical locations and see for yourself how innovation, simplicity, style, and function can equal one great eyeglass for you!

Vibrant Vivid Colors from Silhouette

May 8th, 2015

From time to time someone will ask, “I saw a frame I liked in Europe. Can I order it from you?” Sometimes we can and sometimes we can’t. There are a couple of reasons. One, the company may not distribute their frames in the United States. But the big frame companies do sell their frames worldwide, so why can’t I get that frame here in the U.S.? The reason is the companies target market the product lines and that means they will sell specific models or colors only in certain regions. You may very well see a frame in France that is sold in the U.S., only not in that particular color.

Exciting news! Alvernon Optical has partnered with Silhouette Frame Company to test market four colors of the Titan frame that have been very popular in Europe. Because of the comfort, light weight, and great looks, the Titan frame is Silhouette’s best seller. There are only two or three optical companies in the entire state of Arizona that will have these frames and Alvernon Optical is one of them.

The colors are Vivid Teal, Vivid Plum, Vivid Blue, and Vivid Pink. Did I mention that these colors are Vivid? Each of the Alvernon Optical offices has one set of these beautiful frames. Once sold they are gone! If you like colors that are truly vibrant and enjoy the privilege of owning exclusive fashion pieces, we invite you to visit one of the six convenient Alvernon Optical locations today. These lovely frames won’t be around long.
euro pink 1

Rec Specs Eye Protection for Sports

August 13th, 2014

rec specs 8.2014 003

No matter what your sport, protecting your eyes is critical to insuring that you will have a lifetime of sports, fitness, and fun ahead of you. Dress eyewear may work well for most of your life. But when the possibility of impact increases it is important to step up and make the right move and that is to get a pair of sport eyeglasses. At Alvernon Optical we feature Rec Specs eyeglasses. Rec Specs are designed to protect the eyes in a wide range of athletic activities. Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses are used for impact resistance. The frame is specially designed for the kind of impact that can occur in sports. And yes, basket ball is a contact sport. So come on in and talk with one of the friendly and knowledgeable opticians about keeping your game going with an eye on safety and performance.

Customizing a Versace Eyeglass Frame

June 10th, 2014

Denise has been with Alvernon Optical for over thirty eight  years. She is a bench optician which means she works in the lab. Her professionalism is shown in many ways. One is that she is certified by the American Board of Opticianry. Another is the level of skill she has developed and maintains. Denise is very good at her craft. Many optical companies will not work with drilled lenses which are necessary for the popular rimless eyeglasses. Denise is proficient in drilling and mounting different types of rimless eyeglasses from the antique gold filled to the modern titanium used by Silhouette, Addidas, and other frame manufacturers. Denise also likes to wear nice eyeglasses. She likes unusual frames and will often rework a vintage find. Recently she saw a new Versace. It has a really nice shape with a little lift and some tastefully placed stones. Cuts had been made in the frame around the stones in a pattern to accentuate the stones and add to the lift effect. Denise saw more. Using a fine point paint pen Denise added gold to the cut causing it to stand out in a nice contrast to the clear crystal stones. WOW! What was a really nice eyeglass was transformed into an extraordinary eyeglass. Thanks Denise for sharing your talents with all the people who have gotten their eyeglasses from Alvernon Optical over the years. And that is a lot of people.

lab may 2014 Denise & Versace   Versace Model 3150-B. Color 879 .

Jackie invites you to the Sunrise and Swan Remodel Sale

April 16th, 2014

Visit the Sunrise and Swan location for extraordinary deals during their Remodel Sale. Sunrise location only.

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