Best of Tucson 2017 Tucson Weekly

November 10th, 2017

Once again Tucson, thank you for voting us Best Eyeglass & Optical Retailer… 5 years in a row! 

Arizona Daily Star 2017 Best Vision Service in Tucson

September 21st, 2017

Once again Tucson…Thank you for voting us Best Vision Service providers for three years!!

Tucson Weekly 2016 Best of Tucson

April 20th, 2017

All of us here at Alvernon Optical could not be any prouder!

Thank you Tucson for voting us Best Eyeglass & Optical Retailer 4 years in a row!!! 

Arizona Daily Star 2016 Best Vision Service in Tucson

April 20th, 2017

Thank you Tucson for voting us Best Vision Service providers for two years!!

2015 Best Vision Service

October 2nd, 2015


Thank You Tucson!!!

Everyone at Alvernon Optical is very proud to have been voted for providing the Best Vision Service in Tucson by the readers of the Arizona Daily Star.

The folks at Alvernon Optical have been providing superior service in Tucson since 1961.That is fifty four years! They have done this by having licensed opticians, certified lab techs, exceptional support staff, and local owners. It takes a real commitment to maintain a full service optical lab. If you should break your glasses most frame repairs can be done on site while you wait.

Another convenience is that within each Alvernon Optical office there are independent doctors of optometry offering eye exams and providing the best primary eye care.

The next time you need help with your eyeglasses visit any of the six convenient locations so that you can experience the friendly service offered by the knowledgeable professionals at Alvernon Optical.

Customizing a Versace Eyeglass Frame

June 10th, 2014

Denise has been with Alvernon Optical for over thirty eight  years. She is a bench optician which means she works in the lab. Her professionalism is shown in many ways. One is that she is certified by the American Board of Opticianry. Another is the level of skill she has developed and maintains. Denise is very good at her craft. Many optical companies will not work with drilled lenses which are necessary for the popular rimless eyeglasses. Denise is proficient in drilling and mounting different types of rimless eyeglasses from the antique gold filled to the modern titanium used by Silhouette, Addidas, and other frame manufacturers. Denise also likes to wear nice eyeglasses. She likes unusual frames and will often rework a vintage find. Recently she saw a new Versace. It has a really nice shape with a little lift and some tastefully placed stones. Cuts had been made in the frame around the stones in a pattern to accentuate the stones and add to the lift effect. Denise saw more. Using a fine point paint pen Denise added gold to the cut causing it to stand out in a nice contrast to the clear crystal stones. WOW! What was a really nice eyeglass was transformed into an extraordinary eyeglass. Thanks Denise for sharing your talents with all the people who have gotten their eyeglasses from Alvernon Optical over the years. And that is a lot of people.

lab may 2014 Denise & Versace   Versace Model 3150-B. Color 879 .