Rec Specs Eye Protection for Sports

rec specs 8.2014 003

No matter what your sport, protecting your eyes is critical to insuring that you will have a lifetime of sports, fitness, and fun ahead of you. Dress eyewear may work well for most of your life. But when the possibility of impact increases it is important to step up and make the right move and that is to get a pair of sport eyeglasses. At Alvernon Optical we feature Rec Specs eyeglasses. Rec Specs are designed to protect the eyes in a wide range of athletic activities. Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses are used for impact resistance. The frame is specially designed for the kind of impact that can occur in sports. And yes, basket ball is a contact sport. So come on in and talk with one of the friendly and knowledgeable opticians about keeping your game going with an eye on safety and performance.

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