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Purchasing Eyeglasses: In-Person vs. Online

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The primary benefit of online shopping is convenience. However, when it comes to eyeglasses, a variety of inconveniences can arise from an online purchase including improper fit, discomfort and poor quality. Unfortunately, necessary adjustments cannot be made online and the consumer must rely on local businesses for those services. Alvernon Optical has designed the Online Purchase Service Plan specifically to address these issues.


Alvernon Optical’s Online Purchase Service Plan includes:

  • Pupil Distance (PD) measurement, both distance and reading, accurately measured by a licensed optician.
    Inaccurate PD measurement may cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and other related problems.
  • Prescription verification
    A licensed optician will verify accuracy and compliance with the ANSI standards.

  • Free adjustments and minor repairs for the life of the internet eyeglass purchase.
  • If you decide to buy from Alvernon Optical, the cost of the Service Agreement ($29.95) will be credited to your frame and lens purchase.*

Online Purchase Service Plan Limitations:

  • Measuring multifocal heights is not included.
     A frame must be present for this.
  • Alvernon Optical is not responsible for frame or lens breakage during adjustment.
  • Frame and lens quality and workmanship issues are the responsibility of the customer and online company.

* Double discounts and insurance exempt.

According to the Journal of the American Optometric Association, “44.8% of online ordered prescription spectacles did not meet either the optical requirements of the patient’s visual needs or the physical requirements for the patient’s safety.”

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